Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Legacy of Frank Patton

Frank Patton is the epitome of corporate greed with his request for 15,000 acres of eminent domain for a "railyard".  Supposedly Patton's justification for requesting so much through eminent domain is he might need some room to grow a little in the future.  Looks more like he wants to be a real estate developer with a railyard next to the proposed South Suburban Airport.

Maybe Patton is taking a page out of the Donald Trump "Art of the Deal" playbook by asking for the moon and negotiate down from there.     It wouldn't be surprising if Puppet Patton later acts "reasonable" and say "Okay. Give me 10,000 acres for a railyard.   ... 7,500?   How about 5,000 acres but that's as low as I can go.  Be reasonable and give me that small amount."

It would be expected for Fasttake Frank to continue dwindling the number down in an attempt look like he's being considerate to residents concerns.  This has been a winning strategy often used by utility companies.  Electric transmission companies have a similar tactic and often do not propose siting the logical preferred route to begin with,  but they take an unreasonable approach,  then "compromise" through a path of least resistance negotiate for an alternate route preferred by objects of the public.

Even still if Patton is willing to "compromise" to a reduced "railyard",  this project shouldn't be sited on anyone's property.    No one deserves to be the loser in a negotiated compromise with Frank Patton and his GLBT undisclosed investors hiding in the closet.  

Frank Patton has requested over 15,000 acres for a railyard and the austerity of such a request shows this project is about personal greed and should be denied in its entirety as it is requested.

Seriously,  what is a shortline interchange railroad going to do with 15,000 acres but sell of land to other projects? Buy 15,000 acres.  Sell 100 acres for a refiners at twice the price.  Sell another 200 acres for an oil tank farm.  Sell 1,500 acres here and there for intermodal container facilities.    40 acres per distribution center....and on and on.

Greed is a popular strategy from a corporate land developer standpoint.  If the Surface Transportation Board can act as the hammer of eminent domain, a land developer can swindle as much as one can.  Even better,  the Surface Transportation Board can act as a land developer's financer as by pretending this is a "railyard".

Again,  it would be interesting who Frank Patton's undisclosed investors are.  The way Patton talks,  there is multiple investors and it's probably wise to believe him there.    The proposed Great Lakes Basin Transportation llc is a smorgasbord for land grabbing vultures.  Proposing 15,000 acres for a railyard is probably bringing out several dozens of suburban land developers who haven't had much business in the last eight years since to economy crashed.  Patton likes to talk about multiple potential investors lining up behind him.   Yeah,  it's more like vultures sitting in the trees hoping the Patton the predator makes the kill,  then the scavenging vultures will swoop in and fight it out.

15,000 acres of eminent domain for a "railyard" is likely the worst case study in eminent domain abuse we've had in the nation.  Be honest Frank. You are attempting federal eminent domain for a 15,000 acre industrial Park with rail service next to the proposed South Suburban Airport.    This "railyard" is nothing more than a real estate development project through federal eminent domain.   Frank Patton,  your greed is deeper and dreams are  bigger than anything from Donald Trump.    All he wanted was an old lady's home for a limousine parking lot.

It's no wonder nobody like you,  Frank, you're a looter of others means of living.


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