Monday, September 19, 2016

Patsy Frank Patton, the Russians, and GLBT

Strange how Frank Patton  and his little transportations llc have been unusually quiet lately.   It's also interesting to see there is a bit of a shake up at Canadian Pacific Railway.   The Chief Financial Officer is moving on and the activist investor (Bill Ackman from NYC) driving proposed the buyout of Norfolk Southern is stepping down from the Board. 

So has the managerment vision changed in Canada and does this affect the proposed Great Lakes Basin Transportation llc?

We know Union Pacific and CSX have no intentions of using Patton's GLBT.    Did Canadian Pacific ever state it's opinion on the matter?   With the Chief Financial Officer and the radical investor walking away and no longer the driving force and Canadian Pacific,  it is fair to believe the strategic planning of Canadian Pacific Railway has changed.  It will be interesting to see how this shakeup affects Great Lakes Basin Transportation llc.

Here is another oddity.    No,  this isn't a smoking gun, but one has to wonder. Have you ever looked up Frank Patton the LinkedIn?   Open source information can be so fascinating and social media can often give out more information than companies desires.

Social media like LinkedIn often list links to other people whose biographical information has been viewed as a likely associates.  For instance, Facebook recommends friends of friends and known associates. 

There is actually a spy gadet shop in Houston, Texas that is a FaceBook friend with the venture capital company Clean Line Energy.  Why does a proposed utility company have interest in a spy gadget shop to be friends on Facebook? One can only imagine the relationship there!

Was Michael Skelly worried his office was bugged? Was he monitoring the text messages on company cell phones.  Where Jayshree's nerdy glasses actually a James Bond  video recording device? Ha! Maybe that's why she hates pictures of herself in those glasses.  In any case, just knowing Michael Skelly was paranoid enough to befriend a spy gadget store in Houston meant a bunch of grassroots "activists" were getting I to his head.  It's really not surprising that Houston,  the energy capitol of North America has a couple spy shops. Paranoia abounds in the energy industry.   

When you know your opponent and have such empathy for them to understand their reactions,  it's like you have their office bugged.   The problem with GLBT is their is no background available. Frank Patton is it.   He was a software salesman with no real rail background.    It's not that there is no deplorable background information on Frank Patton,  but there is not enough relevant information on the character to develop any empathy and understanding about him.   Fortunately,  social media like LinkedIn or Facebook still give us some clues. 

People like Jim Wilson are listed under Frank Patton at LinkedIn,  along with lawyers associated with the Surface Transportation Board or consultants at ICF International.    These characters are your basic players in this bureaucratic psycho-drama.  There was one oddity though.  In all the names listed, the second name,  behind Jim Wilson was a Russian translator named Svetlana Milford.

So what is the relationship with Frank Patton and the Russian translator with the exotic name,  Svetlana?

Fascinating and yes,  this is highly speculative, but why is a Russian translator possibly associated with GLBT?

Ever other person listed has rail or Surface Transportation Board experience or a logical connection to a proposed railroad,  except the Russian translator.    Could it be a freak miss-association by a social media algorithm to make Frank Patton associated with Svetlana the Russian translator?

I'm willing to bet (speculate) this is not a coincidence.  One of the few nuggets of information Frank Patton has let loose is their are on investors on four continents watching the Patton webcasts to bureaucrats.  He did it as an attempt to name drop and impress.  Actually,  it was probably a perfect example of Patton having slightly too much information from his handlers and telling more than he should have.
If Svetlana,  the Russia  translator, is a known associate of GLBT,  does this mean GLBT has Russian investors besides the suspected friends in Canada?

If so,  are there Russian investors tied to the Russian government through their oligarchs?  We've always heard Russian money is tied to the Russian government and Putin.

If Patton has Russian investors,  why are they interested in an American infrastructure project that could be the bottleneck to North America's rail industry at Chicagoland?

(That is truly the
stupidest question of the day. )    Knock out the rail infrastructure in Chicago and the entire rail system is gridlocked.  You don't have to be an agent from the Department of Homeland Security to see that risk.

It is interesting Frank Patton and GLBT have been successfully to limit any significant information about the project.  Most venture capital infrastructure projects have a plethora of open source information available, but not Great Lakes Basin Transportation llc. 

Whoever Patton's handlers are,  they have done a superb job hiding at limiting information.  They've produced just enough information to make a sale but not enough to answer serious questions about the project. In this regard the Great Lakes Basin model is unique from other proposed infrastructure projects.  This company doesn't even have a flow chart showing investors and level of investments.

Perhaps...possibly in the group of investors pulling Puppet Patton's strings,  there could be investors from Clean Line Energy who have watched the mistakes Skelly made.   Possibly there is someone smart enough to know the grassroots tactics used to combat that venture capital project.    The former employees of Ziff Brother Investments appear to have purchased the ZBI holding in Canadian Oil Sands.   It's an obvious speculation the proposed GLBT would enhance Canadian oil sands projects.

Then again, maybe it is the Russian investors with more experience in counter intelligence who are wise enough to limit the outflow of basic information. Whoever is pulling Puppet Patton's strings,  they know what they are doing.  

1.  He has no rail experience.
2.  He only knows what is scripted for him to say as a salesman.
3.  Patton was probably found by agents for foriegn investors at the Chicago Union League, a Gentleman's Club for wannabe executives.  He was sought because his experience in sales,  retired and looking for a little action. 
4.  No knowledge or experience in rail,  transportation,  or logistics is a benefit. He can't say something he shouldn't if he knows nothing but what is given to him.
5.  There is little risk of him saying too much and divulging information because his handlers only tell Patton as little as possible.
6. Create a story of "nondisclosure agreements"  to hide the names of actual investors.

Who are the investors behind GLBT and Frank Patton?   Is this partly a Russian operation and why the Russian translator?

Frank Patton is an obvious strawman and a puppet for other people's money.    He's also a moron.

No. Wait. Frank Patton is a Patsy but not so much a moron. Yes, that's the term for a puppet being played as CEO for the concerns of foriegn nationals.  The man being  setup to take the responsibility when others walk away from this failure.

Patsy Frank Patton.